Rave Reviews

We think the Fairytale Festival is pretty great. But don’t just take our word for it! 
Hear what some of our guests had to say about the experience!

Annie Normand


It takes someone special to make sure something special feels special to everyone.

At the Fairytale Festival yesterday, the Petite Princess Company’s Peter Pan was my Sadie’s someone special.

Sadie spent a good bit of time yesterday a little star struck and shy, until Peter Pan helped pull her out of her shell.

So many princesses… all of her favorites, and this lost boy was the one to grab my princess’s hands, showed her genuine care, and attention and helped ignite the magic inside of her. He made this event so special for her.

Y’all, she was so smitten and so happy. After she danced with Peter Pan she was just lit up with … Petite Princess MAGIC. She danced with other princesses after that and let loose and had the BEST time.

On the way out she opened her arms wide and looked around and said, “What a wonderful day!”

These people, these characters, these magic makers… they ALL take their time to mingle and dance and make sure that EVERY child’s day is filled with magic. The event was absolute magic, intentional magic.”

Brandon Ricketts


Yesterday’s Fairytale Festival was amazing! I was exhausted from a busy night working, got up early with tickets for Dempsey and I to the Festival. Got there and it was a Comic Con like “meet & greet”. Every character’s personality shined through like they were an actual character from their respective movies. The performers were deep into their method acting, and never broke character. Now, of course, all the children had fun, but I was blown away by how much fun I had. Getting to feel like a kid again and talk shop with the characters. Finding out Spider-Man’s fav film of his is Amazing Spider-Man 2 (a deep cut) or that Flynn Rider really doesn’t want people calling him by his real name, Eugene. Tinker bell never saw “Hook”, cause of her disdain for Captain Hook lol. And that’s just a taste of the conversations I had with them. Also the Dinosaur Experience was basically a stand up comedy act with dinosaurs. Really funny too.

Dempsey has, sadly, gotten to the age where her friends and her aren’t gonna have characters at their bday parties, and they’re all gonna try and be cool and “not believe” in princesses. I’m so thankful that Petite Princess Company and Venessa Lewis put these events on so that we all can be kids, with our kids, for as long as possible.”

Sydney Brignac


What an incredibly special event!! I’m always in awe on how thoughtfully and intentionally planned out these events are! The event was sold out, yet my daughter only had to wait in line once and we probably waited less than 5 minutes. A few of my favorite highlights:

1) my kid loves Spider-Man apparently!? Never would’ve known! When her dad asked about her day, all she could talk about was Spider-Man.

2) she was in AWE of Rapunzel’s tower! She felt so grown and special climbing the stairs.

3) when the crowd died down, she helped herself to Belle’s tea party and Belle didn’t miss a BEAT! Immediately sat down with her and poured her some tea and played with her.

4) she was overwhelmed with joy to see Cinderella! I have the sweetest videos of her running into Cinderella’s arms that just melts my heart!

5 & 6) my daughter has special needs and gets nervous in crowds – but she sat with the other kids, clapped when they clapped, and danced when they danced!

I loved to see it!”

“Jojo can’t stop talking about Spider-Man and the dinosaurs. You did an amazing job. My husband and I were talking and agreed that your princesses are Disney cast-member quality!   Everything was fantastic.”
-Nicole Cavalier

“I was a little nervous that Kate would be “too old” this year! Your characters flawlessly adjusted their chats with her to make her feel like a more “mature” princess while still infusing magic and fun into their time together. It was so much fun and I’m grateful we had at least one more “magical memory” before she turns into a preteen eye roller!”
-Amy Norsworthy

“We had the best time! My daughter loved getting to have tea time with Belle!”
-Ashley Leger

“We had an awesome time at the Fairy Tale Festival! Thank you so much Petite Princess Company and sponsors for this event with princesses and superheroes in mind”

-High Tea Series

“We loved it!!!! Thank you so much for putting this on!!!”
-Hollie Louque

“Collins had a blast today at this event put on by Petite Princess Company
She loved all the characters!! One of the best events we have been too!

-Taylor Terrell